R9Dental provides a 3 years guarantee on crowns,bridges,dentures,except relining of dentures,and precision attachments of partial casts;on dental implants,which refers to the artificial root itself ( material defects ),and not to the bone and parodontal tissues surrounding the implant.
We offer 1 year guarantee on fillings and smaller remedial treatments.
Guarantee refers to treatments carried out by R9Dental,and not to the teeth or parodontal tissues of the patient.
R9Dental covers all expenses reguarding medical and technical remedy,but does not cover any travel and accomodation costs.
The surgery is not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatments,as teeth may suffer preparation trauma during crown/bridge preparation works.
We do not accept guarantee claims for temporary solutions.
We do not accept guarantee claims for teeth having root canal fillings,made in other dental surgeries.We are not responsable for the failure of posts/root canal treated teeth even if they are covered by crowns by R9Dental even if these works seem to be sufficient and are showing no symptoms at the time our treatment.

Guarantee will be invalidated or reduced if:

-you fail  to attend the yearly ( half-a-yearly in case of implants ) check ups
-oral hygiene is neglected
-you do not follow the dentist’s instructions
-the removable denture is not kept clean properly
-the gum tissue or teeth bone is naturally receding
-you smoke
-drug abuse
-excessive alcohol consumption
-mental disorders
-patient gaines or looses a substantial amount of weight during a short period of time
-in the case of general illnesses that have negative effect on dental condition ( diabetes,epilepsy,osteoporosis,condition after radiotherapy or chemotherapy)
-damage occurred as a consequence of grinding or oral parafunctions
-sport accidents
-direct trauma or force to a crown or bridge
-dropping dentures
-the patient undergoes treatment on the dental or laboratory work provided by R9Dental at another clinic
-the patient does not follow the treatment time line and refuses to show up on the upcoming visit as it is previously designated by the treatment plan.