Implant retained tooth replacements

1. Crown on a single implant

Made in cases,when one or more missing teeth in different positions are being replaced with dental implants.Advantage compared to the bridge solution is that teeth either side of the gap do not need to be filed to place a bridge.













2. Implant retained bridge

When more missing adjacent teeth are replaced with several implants,an implant retained bridge is fitted on them.
Its most important advantage is,that especially in the case of missing molars at the back of the mouth,these teeth
can be replaced with a fix solution instead of a removable partial cast. This is also a big psychological pro for the patient,
because gives the feeling of having own teeth.




3. Implant retained tooth replacement of toothless jaws

It can be fix,or so called overdenture,depending on the number of implants..

a.) Fix solution – a full set of porcelain teeth – is placed on 8 supporting implants.Compared to the 6 implants option it makes possible a more even distribution of chewing forces on the bone. Further relevance is,that even in the case of missed integration of one of the implants,the set of porcelain teeth can be made,which is not possible to carry out when only 6 implants are inserted.

b.) All-on-4 is the name of a new effective implant method,when the porcelain bridge is placed on four implants inserted in special angles.The bridge is kept in place by transocclusal screws,which give safe anchoring and optimal esthetics and function.                                    
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c.) Overdenture is placed on 2 or 4 implants;the tooth replacement is kept in place by clip-bars,precision attachments or ball-head abutments.Although it is a removable solution,ensures excellent comfort and chewing.

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